For sale is a all Sanwa Parts HRAP. Running a xbox 360 pcb. In perfect condition. (last 2 buttons plugged)
$150 shipped gets this deal fast!

Seriously…someone pick this up already!!! I’m surprised its lasted this long :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Would buy this but waiting on some money to be deposited…oh well sticks come and sticks go :stuck_out_tongue:

WTS: Hori Real Arcade Pro XBOX360

Hey, do you still have the stick for sale? i will buy it if you still do.

God knows I would if I could… This’ll be gone by noon.

This is a great deal, how can this still be here?


Hey I would be interested too, if you have no problem shipping to the UK and the others fall through.

im interested. Pm me if you still have it available

If those peeps back down, im interested too…

Jeenyus1 gets first crack at it. If he backs down I’ll go down the list in order. But for now it hasn’t sold.

add me to that list! guess im #4.

Steve I sent you a PM.

I’m ready to BUY BUY BUY! But I need a joystick that hasheadset functionality. If this one has it just let me know and I’m ready to pay.

If it doesn’t, you can give my place to someone else.


Stick still for sale! come on people serious buyers only!

ill buy it if you still have it and if im next in line, i posted on the 3rd post on this thread. Also do you take paypal? If not you could just take me off your list aswell.

In case all the other people fall through, I am definitely very interested, especially if the original pcb is still lodged in there somewhere. Let me know.

Yes I take paypal. NO the orginial PCB is not included. It has a common ground madcatz PCB. You would have install your own headset jack if you need it.

K, thanks. if it gets to me just let me know, im very interested in it.

Add me to the list.

Please put me on the list. I’m so ready to pay for this!!!

me on the list too… only if you ship to canada :s