Built by someone here. Very sturdy stick. Looking to get $70 shipped.

Can you please post a picture of the wiring.

That’s lazeeya’s work right there! I’d recognized that solid panel anywheres, yo.

I’m semi-interested.

Let me know more details about the stick
-type of buttons (convex, concave), brand
-select/start button?
-removable plexiglass plate to change artwork?
-rubber pegs on the back? (pics please)
-was this made by Laz?

Thanks, dude.

That is most definitely a Lazeeya HAPP custom as it’s one of the sticks in his Photobucket gallery.

If this was a Xbox 360 HAPP stick, I would have bought this thing with the quickness for MVC2 on XBLA.

I wish you luck on the sale.

Can you hold it until about 7:00pm EST, I have a buddy I want to show this to? If he likes it, i’ll buy it.

It’s been sold. Sorry guys.