Everything is sold. Thank you!

great price for the se stick.

is the actual stick on that the madcatz stick or was it changed out?

Everything is 100% Sanwa on the SE stick except for the black buttons.

Feelin the Ps3 stick. Sent Pm!


Replied to all PM’s. Lazeeya stick is 99% gone, just waiting on the response. Feel free to inquire about it though in case buyers back out. SE stick still running strong.

now i know my sticks have good resale value LOL LOL.

The man of the hour! :tup:

Lol man, you remember how many people tried to cop that stick when you finished it?

:xeye: Sigh, I never thought I’d stop playing fighters to the core, but man, I just want to enjoy games with the [much less] free time I have these days. I don’t want to worry about learning matchups, trying to win tournies, etc. Less stress, more fun this way. Plus I can finally play some genres I love again.

Lazeeya stick sold, thank you. SE still up for grabs!

Dammit if i had more money id be all over this :crybaby: fuuuck i want that stick

I can’t imagine how many sticks you have by now. :rofl: