Hey, guys I just got the e73 error and Its out of warranty. I am selling the system for $45 shipped. I’m sure one of you out there knows how to fix this or mod the system, I checked the methods But I’d rather just sell it and be done with Live.

System only

$45 Shipped.


Call microsoft! They are extending warranty’s on this issue. Google it. I promise, if you call and speak to a supervisor you should be ok.


pm sent.


it’s a good deal. i would have picked this up but i already have 3 broken ones that i bought from srk this past year. been too lazy to fix it : /


I’m interested if other deals fall through, put me next in line!


This is true. Don’t sell it. Call Microsoft. I just sent mine few months ago and it was purchased first month it came out.


Correction. E74 error code was just added to the 3 year extended warranty in april. Call Microsoft and they will tell you $100 + shipping for E73.


nah, you can get them to fix pretty much anything if you complain right. They’ve fixed two of mine that didn’t have the 3 rings and this happened over a year ago before adding the new errors to the warranty.


It’s been registered to a earlier user, and I dont know that user’s address or name, so, calling won’t work.


IF you decide to sell it Ill take it! i sent you a pma nd I am local thanks!


well you can always say you got it from Gamestop. What’s the worst thing that can happen? They say no? They have to be worried about a class action suit about this kind of shit. Remember, ask for a supervisor. Everyone has a boss.