Added a option for those of you that would like quick disconnects added to the PCBs.

I have perfect feedback on all my sales.

I also have perfect feedback on

nice stuff in this thread

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The-priest - Thanks for the complement.

For those of you interested in the PCBs with Japanese style quick disconnects.
I don’t add the wiring harness for the Japanese style joystick PCB. I can add the larger quick disconnects if you are using Japanese micro switches for your joystick.

Added lots of items.


One from me too

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pm sent

pm sent!

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Don’t tell me those pink meshballs were for sale. I will scream at work right now.

yep for 2 bucks lol

i finished reading ur pm now adam. i have sent u the payment. thanks

yeah my payment was sent as well

The parts sold fast last night. I updated the picture of what I have available.

Also a price drop on many items. I am surprised the converter set has not sold only $75.00.

Thanks everyone

ANy chance you’d trade the grease and 2 yellow buttons for a SFIV launch t-shirt?

Just so everyone knows I do not trade.