I got a Flash1 pcb laying around the house. It works fine except I’m more of a clicky/LS-32 type of guy. Never been a fan of opticals. Need to sell so I can have some extra cash for Evo.

Hoping for a quick sale. If I can’t sell it by Thursday afternoon at 12pm, consider this sale closed.

Selling for $80 + shipping. If shipping isn’t too expensive, I’ll eat the cost. I remember seeing these sell for about $100 a while back so please don’t lowball it if you try to make a deal.

EDIT: Added pictures. These also can be dropped into a JLF base with no modding at all iirc. Oh, and I’m throwing in a Sanwa square gate.

That black ring has plastic on one side, and cushion on the other side so it should be obvious which side should be placed against the PCB. (Hint, it’s cushion => PCB.)


fobi0, I must applaud your first statement. I too am a Seimitsu man. :bgrin:

Anyways, I must admit, this is definitely one hell of a deal for a Sanwa Flash1. I really hope that someone picks this up since optical joysticks are really tight. Good luck with the sale!


These can drop straight into any JLF right?


does it need that ring to work I just bought a used and it didnt come with that. If I need it ill take it.


The rubber ring works as a border that keeps the exposed PCB from rubbing up against plastic mounting. It’s the same as an Ascii Optical. Having it could very well extend the life span.


What Galactic said.

If you’re crafty however, you can probably just make one yourself. Just don’t ask me how. XD



Hmm , thanks guys ive got surgical tubing I could cut and lay flat in there what do you guys think? Anyone got a spare? anything youd want to trade for?

Okay , I just cut some thin strips of surgical tubing to lay in there as “padding” it fit snug . What do you guys think.