Mint condition Xbox 360 TE with my own original Vewlix-L artwork and Arthong’s beautiful laser-cut acrylic. $160 shipped to US 48. Comes with all original packaging in mint condition, including original graphic, red trim, and headset adapter - all mint.


Note for the first image: the white spot in the lower right corner near the acrylic is just a reflection, not an imperfection of any kind.

this made mah DICK HARD

gl with sale. :smiley:

Ha. I will take that as a compliment! Thanks.

dat stick is tight u selling all your sticks?

Pretty much. Fatherhood has taken over so I’m changing my priorities a bit. One stick will be enough for me… until I can afford a full cab in the future!

price drop, wheelin’ ‘n’ dealin’

if this don’t sell would you consider selling the art and plexi let me know:)

Arthong’s acrylic is only $18 shipped I think. And you can print my art at kinkos for cheap. Just take that JPEG in (link is in first post) and print it yourself.

word thanks gl on you sticks

One of the nicest TEs I’ve seen–good luck!!

so nice

willing to lower price at all?

Does this have a 6 button control panel or are the holes simply covered by the cardstock? (If you’re even using cardstock. :p)

shoot me an offer

Has original 8-button panel, 2 extra holes covered by art and acrylic

That’s really all you need. Once the plexi top is on the other holes are not visible.

Price Drop

Okay. this is the LAST price drop. There’s no way I’m going any lower. If it doesn’t sell, I’ll keep it.

Damn, he’s taking a loss offering this stick for $160.

Best of luck to ya dude!

if my paycheck suplies me with enough spending funds 2morrow i’ll pick it up! dont hold it tho just in case…

bought from this seller b4 very reliable!! def a great guy!! :tup: