Selling a Brand new Seimitsu Joystick, LS-32-01. Never been taken out of bubble wrap. Comes with 5-pin wire harness and your color choice of ball top: white, dark hai, light blue, pink. SOLD

Also selling a great condition Street Fighter IV game for the Xbox 360. Comes with disk, manual, and original box. Selling for SOLD to the US. International shipping will be a little more.

You sell those HRAPs yet?
nvm: found them.

pming you

Both of the HRAPs are actually sold already. Couldn’t find the other thread so I couldn’t update it.


lol you wanted to buy it? should of let me know because someone on ebay picked it up last Friday.

I’ll take the LS32. Sent you a PM

LS-32-01 is sold. Thank you for your purchase.

Just came up on extra funds. You’re referring to the HRAP3-SE right?

Hey man, sent you another PM about sfiv.

Damn, oh well. At least another houstonian took off with a precious LS32. You still have that deadfist custom? I sold my Kakashi Stick… NOOOOOOOOOO!

yup sold the HRAP3-SE on egay. I should have sold it here instead because of the new paypal-ebay policy where they don’t let you have the funds until either 1) 21 days has expired w/o any disputes, 2) buyer leaves positive feedback, and 3) three days after confirmed delivery (if used shipping through paypal only). So yea, I’m new to this ebay thing and should have waited and sold it here to a fellow SRKer instead. Now I gotta deal with someone who won’t send me feedback after receiving the item and I have to wait three additional days until I get my money.

I have another one if you’re interested. It doesn’t come with a 5-pin harness though.

I guess sleeping late finally paid off…somehow :rofl: Sure do! I’ll never sell my DF stick, I <3 it too much. Why’d you sell yours?