Bought this just a few days ago and I absolutely don’t like it at all. I mean, it’s fine and everything and all I’ve really done is take it out of the box and played for like all of 2 hours with it.

I love the joystick but there is something about it being square that I cannot pull my moves off at all. I’m just going to stick with my MAS Stick.

Looking for 125$+ shipping. Paypal preferred. Pictures available upon request but you’ve seen what it looks like so not much to show.


um u serious u dont like it?

cuz its square gate?

just replace it with the 8way u have on ur MAS stick


buy a octogate and your fine


im willing to buy, i pm’d you




Double lol.

To the OP: How about giving it more than two hours before you decide you don’t like it?


Nah, someone should buy it. He can realize his loss afterwards xD Keeding. I’d steal it if I had money.


Man if that was for the 360, I would of grabbed it. =/


Already sold. Sorry.