I reworked my sales thread and added lots of new items.

You will not find prices on items like these this low anywhere else. I have perfect condition original release imports for less then best of releases. Also lots of hard to find items for sale.

Feel free to ask questions in my thread or send me a PM if interested in anything. Thanks


$39 for Motw MVS alone speaks volumes of how great these prices are. I’d buy it if I didn’t have it already.


PM’d for Dreamcast


you dont have a japanese ps2 to go along with the games do you?


Excellent prices here. I will be PMing you for an item or two soon.


MSH vs SF JP so tempting…


When sending payment please list what you purchased in your payment information.

When sending money with paypal it includes a little box for notes to the seller just type in what you purchased in the box.



All sold items are removed from the list and shipped 7/28.

Lots of good stuff still available.

Some customers did not pay and many items you may have seen sold are still available.


Some items are on ebay for starting bids less then I had them for sale in the thread especially the MV-1C.

I will be shipping the end of last weeks items tomorrow.

The list is updated and all sold items are taken down.

Prices are so good don’t miss out.


“Super Street Fighter II X Grand Master Challenge for Matching Service $34.00

i’m soooooo tempted. i need this. i’ll sleep on it and send you a msg tomorrow


Cleared out the list of sold items and shipped all items from this week.

Many low price good items still available.


thanks! that was fast shipping and the game is absolutely mint


Price Drop on the MV-1C with Universe Bios socket mod only $110.00. This price is the lowest you will find for this motherboard and mod.


Price lowered on my last 3 MVS carts.




NTSC-J CAPCOM VS SNK PRO for Dreamcast added.


i already have cvs pro for dc, otherwise i’d jump on it. great price for a rare game.


Price Drop


PM’d for CvS Pro