Willing to sell a fully functional Madcatz SE PCB for the Xbox360. (Comes with all wires attached and everything.)

Selling for $55.00 shipped anywhere within CANADA or USA.

I’ll also include for free a Madcatz headset adapter.

PM me if you’re interested.

Sold to Ikagi-chan!

Oh SNAP! jeenyus1, you’ve got another treasure I want! Expect a PM from me VERY shortly! :bgrin:

PM replied to! :smiley:

Just curious, what’s so special about this PCB that a hacked Madcatz XBox 360 pad can’t do and makes it worth 80% of the price of the actual stick itself?

There’s quite a few reasons actually! :bgrin:

  1. It’s probably the most compact Xbox 360 PCB on the market today with dimensions of roughly 2" x 1".
  2. The PCB is a common ground which I know can be said about all of Mad Catz’s PCBs, but definitely an important thing that stick builders and modders like to have.
  3. I believe this is the only other Xbox 360 PCB on the market sans the Xbox 360 Street Fighter IV FightPad that uses digital signals for Left Trigger and Right Trigger. Mad Catz’s newest revisions of their Gamestop brand Xbox 360 controllers require you to do some funky trigger hacking and the old Retro Arcade Sticks (which used to be the easiest PCB to hack) still required resistors to wire up triggers. With the FightPad and the FightStick PCBs, all I need is one soldered wire!

Considering that the second best PCB to hack for the Xbox 360 (the Mad Catz FightPad) is $39.99 retail, I think it’s very justifiable to spend an extra $15.00 to have an even more compact PCB that’s perhaps even easier to work with. Just my $0.02. :tup:

Ah, never knew about the size and the triggers. 2" by 1" is freaking crazy. o_O Never seen the PCB myself.

But at that price, I would spend another $15 for the whole stick so I can have a spare case. =p Thanks for enlightening me though~ =D

Where can you get an SE for 360 for 70?

My bad, was looking at Newegg which had the PS3 version.

Amazon comes pretty close at $73 though:

Otherwise you can come close to $70 maybe if you search hard enough on Google Shopping,, or eBay or something.