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Man, I want to buy it.
But I have school books to purchase first.

Few months ago, the Sanwa HS-ASSY (Optical PCB of Sanwa JLHS-8Y FLASH1) sold for $80.
masturfader got it.

masturfader been looking for a third FLASH1.
I think he will pick your sale up too.


You should give masturfader a PM, he’s been wanting to buy/trade one in his own thread for awhile.


Would love to buy this , but 200 is too rich for my blood. Anything in my FS thread you’d be interested in for trade? I’ve also got a couple new JLF’s. I even would consider selling my sega hss-0130 w/ blast city panel I just

Also. Do you have the green mesh ball it came with or octogate?


Man, you looking for the old Sanwa LB-35-MG also?
Those look so much cooler than the ones now.


pic please

(via pm)


JD you are too damn knowledgeable, and yes those ones are very cool…


They the same as the old Sanwa LB-35-MP.

There are more pictures.
But those are the best ones.

Guess I’ll show this too.



edit: what is that pink thing in the pic? some sort of clip? anyone know?


That is just a Wire Tap.


Oh man! [’__’], if you had an Xbox 360, I would’ve totally offered you a completely unused Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition for this joystick. Good luck with your sale man, though I must say, $200.00 plus maybe $5.00 - $10.00 to ship it seems a little high. Regardless, congratulations to whoever buys this!


Hm yeah, I just put that price out because i was completely in the dark about the market for these. Changing it to $150… I’ll consider other offers, though.


Actually, scratch my last post. [’__’], I just shot you an offer.


:crybaby: you snooze you lose…Is it bad that I want a flash in all my arcade sticks?

btw, anyone got one of those green mesh balls for sale or trade? If so, PM your offer please. pretty please, with chocolate syrup and powdered sugar on top!


Haha, no, it’s not a bad thing masturfader. :lol:

Actually, I should thank you. You’ve saved me some dough. Though I really do have to get my hands on one of these, even if just temporarily. I’m very curious as to how an optical joystick feels and at this point, hearing people talk about them and review them isn’t enough. Oh well. Congratulations on obtaining your newest Sanwa FLASH1! Oh and thanks for the grease; that stuff is working WONDERS on my Namco Joy Stick! :wow:


Oh wow.
So masturfader bought the Sanwa JLHS-8Y FLASH1?

From reading Post 13 and Post 14, I thought Ikagi-chan got it.

Cool then.
Have more fun with another FLASH1 masturfader.

I hope to get at least two in future.


Unfortunately it wasn’t me… I also thought it was Ikagi-chan who got it. Who is this mystery man?

I am lucky to have 2 Flash01’s. They are pretty cool. I prefer them with an LS-32 spring. Gives them just enough tension to mimic the feel of switches w/o the click. There was too much play with the original spring in there.

Btw , no prob on the grease. Thanks for buying!


Oh what?

Lucky to the Mystery Person.

masturfader, that used FLASH1 that you bought before.
Did you ever get a replacement cushion thing for it?

You bought that other Sanwa JLHS-8Y FLASH1 that was selling for $100 in July right?
It came with Ball Top in Green.


Oh what? masturfader didn’t get the sale? Who is the Invisible Man here? :confused:

Also, jdm714, could you clarify what you mean by cushion for the FLASH1? From what I gathered from searching Tech Talk, everything in the FLASH1 should be the exact same as the JLF sans the PCB assembly, no? Did the FLASH1 have something extra that can’t be replaced by everyday Sanwa components?


No, I didnt . I asked Per from akihabarashop about it. He said it wasnt really necessary . He also said, that he uses a Flash as well and has been using one w/o the cushion for quite some time. He hooked me up w/ a brand new dust washer for free. Shipping and everything!

I also asked him if he had any original mesh balls . He answered. “not for sale” haha.