Willing to sell just the Madcatz TE case. No parts or anything, just the case. Comes with turbo panel for free.

$45.00 shipped within USA & Canada.

There are all 6 original screws, a small scratch on the face of the top face-plate. Although the scratch on the face-plate won’t matter for someone who is planning to customize it anyways with either a lami-label or one of Arthong’s creations.

I also have (8) 30mm Sanwa buttons (6 white, 2 dark hai) $18.00 for all of them

also have (1) white Sanwa balltop $2.00

i’m interested. No turbo panel? pics?

The turbo panel seems fixed to the case. I don’t have any need for the turbo panel so I guess I’ll just dislodge it from the PCB and include it w/ the case for free.

I’ll post a pic in a sec.

if he passes ill take it.

Gallery of pics:

There are no screws in the pics because I took all the screws out because I’m going to be taking all the parts out.

But there are all the original screws. For both the top panel and the bottom.

i’ll pass. its yours.

Pending to meus.

have fun…if he passes. keep it.

Actually if he passes I would take it.

dam woulda got this

dam serg got it i bet. i could use another te case…

Yup. He got it lol. And turns out it’s not possible to just take out the PCB from the case because the power cord is too wide to be taken out the case unless you cut it off… (Thanks Madcatz)

So I said fuck it and am just including the PCB for free.

wow good deal

lucky guy got a deal and a half. all you just do is de solder the usb cord from the pcb