Hey everyone,

I’m looking to unload my copy of Tatsunoku vs Capcom on the Wii and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon on the DS.

TvC is the Japanese import version and will require the Homebrew Channel and older firmware to play. If you’ve updated your Wii recently, say the last 2-3 months, this game won’t work without some extra legwork. Please be aware of this before you make an offer. I understand that the NA version will be coming out soon and I’m probably not going to get a lot of bites, but it doesn’t hurt to try. I’m thinking $20+$4 shipping. Not a bad deal I guess, right?

The Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon game is the European version of the game, but it is in full English so feel free to pop it in and play (DS doesn’t have region coding). Because the NA version is fairly cheap now, I’m not asking a lot. How’s $10+$4 shipping sound?

Thanks for looking and post/PM any questions.


PM’d for TvC


tvc/japanese wii games works fine on newer firmware if you have homebrew on it - the gecko os thing loads it fine (or a usbloader if you have backed your stuff up to a hard drive)


Oh really? That’s cool. Thanks for the info.


Payment sent!