This is a case I made for myself roughly a month ago. I made it in preparation for the release of Tekken 6 on console. However, I ended up liking my Sanwa stick better. This stick has been played on about 3 or 4 time for a duration of 30min to an hour.

The case is made from red oak and has been stained and finished. It has a Myoungshin Fanta stick purchased from laugh and Sanwa buttons. It also has a predrilled hole for a neutrick adapter. I would like the sell the case with parts included, but I am willing to just part with the case.

NOTE: You may notice that there are a mix of Sanwa and Seimitsu washers on the buttons. This is because two of the buttons were slightly to close for the sanwa washers to screw on and I did not want to modify the washers. So I used some of the washers from my Seimitsu buttons… However, all the buttons in this case are sanwa.

Price: Sold

If interested PM me your zipcode and I will send you a shipping estimate. Shipping will be inside the US only. Payment must be through PayPal.


Length: 12 1/4"

Width: 9"

Height: 2.5"


Damn, REALLY like that. Don’t get paid until next week though. :sad: Good luck with the sell.

That’s going to sell fast. Looks awesome.

can you fit any other kind of stick in that case?

I believe any kind of Korean fanta or crown stick would fit, but I would have to check with someone to be certain. However, Japanese and American sticks will not fit.

Ive noticed that there aren’t any wiring or a pcb in the pics, so would it be including that? (hopin yes)

Sorry, it only comes with what’s pictured.

Hey I might be interested in this i have two Korean fanta sticks so I only need the case, yea Im gonna send you a PM.


bump for price drop

korean custom stick

PM sent