Hello again SRK! I have a few more things for sale:

Up fpr sale is my personal SEGA Dreamcast collection that is adult owned and gently played in a smoke & dust free home! The system, controllers, VMU’s, jump packs, keyboard, and arcade stick and most of the games were all purchased NEW last year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of one of the most memorable video game consoles of all time. It was a travesty to see this bad boy go down the way it did, but the truly hardcore players know which system STILL kicks A$$ and takes names! This collection includes the SEGA Dreamcast console w/ power & AV cable, VGA cable (for HDTV/LCD/CRT connection), audio adapters, demo disk, modem cable, 2 official controllers, 2 official jump packs, 4 official colored VMU’s, 1 official keyboard, 1 official Agetec arcade stick (MINT!) and 41 of the greatest Dreamcast games! All games are COMPLETE w/ instruction manuals and artwork inserts. Please see the pics via the link below to see the games. One of the weirdest games of all time, Project Seaman, is still factory sealed w/ its microphone! I never planned on selling this collection, so the retail packaging is not included. I cannot stress enough how Minty Fresh everything is! Also, please checkout my iTrader feedback. I am asking $225 shipped and $175 local. I will have to ship everything out in multiple packages to ensure it all arrives in the same condition it left. PayPal is the only method of payment accepted, and I can only ship within the continental U.S. to a PayPal confirmed address. I live in Savannah, GA and am willing to travel up to an hour away from 31419 for anyone who would like to purchase it. Payment must be sent before I travel via PayPal and cash is accepted if you are within the city limits. Shipping will be handled via USPS with delivery confirmation and insurance included. Here is a link with many pics from different angles: SOLD local off CL

Thanks for looking!

Recent Sale Items

Hello SRK! I am selling a few items. Shipping is included in the prices and I will only accept PayPal for payment and ship to the continental U.S. only, to a verified address. Items will ship the day after your payment clears. Everything here is in mint condition!

First up is a minty fresh Virtua Stick High Grade. It has been oh-so-slightly modded with a Dark-Hai Sanwa Meshball and an Arthong black acrylic arrowed dustwasher. I couldn’t find it in my heart to modify this baby any further than that! The retail box is included. The original Dark-Hai balltop and dustwasher is included as well. I am asking $175 shipped. Here is a link with pics: SOLD to NotANoob81 (payment received/picked up local)

The next item is a Seimitsu LS-56-01 with wire harness and a yellow Seimitsu LB-35 35mm balltop. It has never been used. I ordered it for a “custom” that I never got around to building. I am also including a Seimitsu LS-56 octagonal restrictor gate with this purchase! I am asking $20 shipped. Here are the links with pics: SOLD to ArcadeLegends (payment received/delivered)

The next items are (6) Seimitsu 30mm Blue PS-14-KN’s, (2) Seimitsu 24mm Blue PS-14-DN’s, and a blue Seimitsu LB-39 35mm “Bubbletop”. I am only interested in selling these as a bundle. They are slightly used but in excellent condition. I am asking $20 shipped. Here is the link with a pic: SOLD to ibeatu (payment received/delivered)

The next item up for sale is a red Sanwa LB-35 35mm Meshball. It is new and has never been used. I will also include a black Sanwa shaft cover and (2) black Sanwa dustwashers with this purchase! I am asking $12 shipped. Here are the links with pics: SOLD to Ikagi-chan (payment received/delivered)

Next up is a NEW/SEALED Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit OEM operating system. OEM stand for Original Equipment Manufacturer and is what DIY/system builders use. This version will tie itself to your motherboard, however, a 5 minute call to the automated activation line will ensure you will be able to move it to whatever system you wish in the future. I am asking $75 shipped and $70 local pickup in Savannah, GA. PayPal & cash are the only methods of payment accepted, and I can only ship to the continental U.S. to a PayPal verified address. I ship within 1 business day after your cleared payment. Here is a link with a couple of pics to show it is still sealed:
Also, here is the newegg link with reviews: SOLD local off CL

Thanks for looking!


Dibs on that VSHG, is it the revision “S”


Doh. Beat on the VSHG.


Dammit, I’m local too. I’da happily picked up that Virtua Stick today. LMK.


Yes, it is revision “S”. It will ship via UPS Ground for free w/ tracking sent immediately after doing so.


Local pickup would be awesome. If NotANoob81 doesn’t pick it up, its yours Counterhit.



eperelez, please await my PM. :tup:


Will do!


Your message box is full. Local pickup would be great. Thanks.


Red Sanwa Meshball and shaft cover/dustwashers sold to Ikagi-chan. Thanks!


Price drop on the blue Seimitsu pushbuttons/bubbletop bundle and the LS-56-01 w/ free octagonal restrictor gate!


PM sent for Seimitsu stick


blue Seimitsu pushbuttons/bubbletop bundle

ill take those


Excellent! Check your message box.


PM responded to.


hey i will take the button bundle and i sent you my paypal address the ls-56-01 wont fit in my stick so u can sell it to arcadelegends thanks again


Damn, good deal on the button bundle. I would’ve snatched them up.


Thanks for the update. PM sent to ArcadeLegends and placed as pending sale, just in case.


money sent


Blue Seimitsu pushbuttons & “Bubbletop” sold to ibeatu. Thanks!