Tekken 6 28$ shipped

Blaz Blue Calamity Trigger 15$ shipped

Street Fighter IV 15$ shipped

lower 48 states.

Buy tekken 6 with blazeblue or sfiv and get them for 35$ shipped.


PM sent.

all games still available.


Blaz Blue sold

payment sent for BBSE

you need to check your pms meus. BB just went to kasp. the title says lower 48 states anyway.

Yes but u agree to ship to canada did you not. Again i get screwed by u twice again. I pmed u saying i want that game and i was first too.

I need to contact the mod this is getting fucked up. Im very patience person but lately this is getting out of hand.

you were saying something about following rules right? quite the hypocrit.

you said you were gonna get the bundle and made me hold the other game for no reason. then you didnt even read the first post saying lower 48 states. You can contact the mod if you wish but you clearly ignored my initial post. you brought this on yourself.

Refund issued.

how did i do that if u agree to ship to me and i want the bb still. Yes i did want the bundle but later on i said only bb still and paid for and u go sell to another srk member when u know i wanted that game. I didnt wast ur time yes i didnt get t6 and paid for bb ppl are allow to change their minds still to choose if game they want and u had the courange to say games still available when i clearing wanted bb.

hey man get out of my thread with this trolling. You have a problem you goto a mod. End of discussion.

Tekken 6 and SFIV still available.

lower 48 states only.

See u pmed me

then same time u said games are still available when their werent b/c i wanted them

{made me hold the other game for no reason}
Here u said i made u hold the games for me but when u posted earlier the game are still available. So who is the lier here not me.

Im not trolling im saying the true facts. U fucked me up with mw2 before and i was nice to let this go but not this time.
Plus if u didnt want to ship to canada u could have said no. Im done too.


Heres an archive of my transactions on folks. because the previous sites itrader werent brought over.

SFIV and Tekken 6 still available.

PMs sent.

Tekken 6 and SFIV still available ps3