how much are the buttons 8 bucks?


The whole set (8 buttons and the dustwasher) for $8 shipped. The reason for the pricing is because of their condition and the fact that they are used.


im interested but dont quite understand whats wrong with them. i want them if they activate when pressed. LOL. what is a prong? and can u close up the fucked up part? are the white ones fucked on the surface? thanx.


PM sent.


PM sent.


They work fine when pressed. Its just the microswitch metal parts (the two things you can connect QDs to) that aren’t in top shape. Four of the buttons are workable. One could be a tight fit and the other button has one of metal parts messed up with solder. You can probably see it in the photo.


if shipping was cheaper :frowning:


well i want them let me know