Starcraft II beta invitation activation code and e-mail - $200 or best offer.

Current Best Offer: $150

Works on PC. I have no idea if this will work for international players. Paypal only. Will contact you asap. Download and play this beta instantly!


This game is hella fun. i was an avid SC1/BW player ever since SC shareware in '97. SC2 is no different its a great game even in beta. Someone pick this up!

keep in mind this is like a 5-6 month beta. not some bs 1 month like some developers put out. this is pretty much 95% of the full retail game.


dam I really want to play this game beta so bad but I can’t afford $200 hopefully someon will, gl!


200?! Is that what they’re going for? Jesus.





Yeah 200 for a beta key!, me thinks its time to step away from the keyboard SC players step away. Thats crazy paying almost 4 times what the game is worth just to play early. I know someone will buy it but thats just insane.


i heard someone bought one for $900. HOT DAMN. 200 is a bargain compared to that. but still…


current best offer is $60


if i get an offer of $125 I will close this at 8pm pst tonight.


If you get a 150$ offer? that’s kind of like a buy out :, sent you a PM regarding possible close time…i’ll send you another w/ an offer


lowered to 125


pm sent


heavily considering your offer. i just hesitate to close this to your $125 offer right now because many forum users are at work and unable to check srk. thank you for your patience.


PM sent


new t/o


just got a new pm from a bidder with a new top offer.


I am closing this in 25 minutes.


sold maybe?
edit: payment is due tomorrow.