I need to sell a modded green goblin stick.

It comes with…

1 blue seimitsu LS-32
6 blue sanwa (screw in) buttons
2 buttons for start and select
1 guide button for ps3/360
1 PSX pcb
1 360 pcb (not sure exactly which one… i think mad catz?)
psx and 360 cords coiled into 1.
ps1/2 -> ps3 converter (not exactly sure which one)

The stick works great and the only problem is the ps3 converter isn’t the best. The stick would be perfect with a pelican or inpin converter. I grinded the bottom of the stick’s aluminum panel where the stick any stick fits without hitting the bottom. I’ll take a picture of the innards tomorrow.

Asking price: $130 + shipping

Sent a pm with several questions