All Items Sold. Thanks for payments.

Dibs on the MAS PS2 stick waiting for pics and also pmed too.


Bump. Picture added.

u should put pics up of everything and the inside of the se and should add if all 8 buttons are hacked etc

Pics updated. Added guts.

Sorry for the slow pictues updates. I am cameraless so I take the camera from work whenever i get a chance.

pm sent about SE stick.

MAS Stick pictures Up

Check your PM’s I want that Mas stick! Also is that a Wico or HAPP p360? Have you had any problems with the joystick? Dibz on it !

I am not sure which 360 it has, I put up a picture of the joystick. Hopefully you can tell from that. I have have had no issues with the MAS, it has been a blessing.

@imtony: Currently Strogg had dibz on the MAS, if he falls through its all yours.

And roy0 has dibz on the madcatz as of now.

Sent the money via PayPal.

Recieved. Please PM me shipping address .