Hey everyone,

I have 2 scratch and dent sanwa cases for sale here at a little more than 50% off.

They will be $15 + shipping each.

  1. Sanwa 6 Button Plexi Case

Has a slight tear in the wood near the front bottom right corner. Also, the glass’s protective coating has been peeled up a little bit, but taped back down.

  1. Sanwa 8 Button Plexi Case

1 recessed hole in the back has a routing mistake and that’s all that’s wrong with it. Has a notch for the cord in the bottom middle.

Holes will be drilled to your layout!

Thanks for looking!


PM sent




Payment sent.


Got it,

6 button case only left!

I think 2 people are in line for it though.

Edit: Both are gone.



sent thanks