Seimitsu LB-35, These are new. $1.50 each. Will use USPS first class.

I only used it for 8 hours. So it is pretty new. Cord is rubberbanded after each use. The only thing i did was replace the first 6 buttons with yellow obsf. Includes the hori buttons i took out and original packaging.
$70. I’ll have to use the usps shipping calculator for shipping cost.


pls find out how much is shipping to 77373 I’m interested on the hrap


^sent PM


Okay only 4 balltops left, how do i edit the title of the thread? I want to change it to WTS: Seimitsu Balltops


You can edit post and then press go advance. Shud be easy from there…


I will take the remaining 4 ball tops.