I just bought this from a fellow member and it is in perfect condition with very little use from the original owner and about 3 hours from me. These are now sold out at Play-Asia. Has an LS-32 that comes as standard. Comes with original retail box shown. I can ship to 48 US states via FedEx Ground (insured + tracking). Paypal only, please.
UPDATE**: I made the top panel directly accessible by replacing the hardware. The top now has hex-bolts (comes with full set of silver AND black, along with all original hardware). This is not permanent in any way and is totally reversible. You can now open up the top panel without ever having to remove the bottom first.

$110 + Shipping (generally costs $15-20 through FedEx - PM me with your location and I will get you an exact number so there’s no surprises)

The base is green, but for some reason looks more like blue in my photos.


Now has top-loading hardware

Close-up of hex-bolts (black oxide shown, but also comes with silver)

I’ll take it.

Dude…that is the fastest response to any sale on this forum that I’ve ever seen. That was like 30 seconds.

LS -32 SOLD. That was fast.

Revised HRAP EX with top-loading mod

what were the sizes of the screws for the top loaders?

1/2" long 8-32 thread. I made my own 1/4" thick acrylic threaded nuts for this held onto the case with some 3M VHB double-sided tape (strong as hell, but comes off clean)