Solder free

yeah I’m building my arcade stick from scratch and I really don’t wanna solder
also is there any arcade case build guide around or maybe a cheap arcade case to buy?
if so then please leave a link

Look at the Toodles Cthulhu, or PS360+ for solderless pcbs.

moving to tech talk

Please note that unless you’re going for a really ghetto build. Building your own stick (and making it look good) usually costs more than buying off the shelf.

luckily for you, there are people who sell premade harnesses just for lazy people like you that work with any of the boards that come with screw down terminals. These include the PS360+, the MCthulhu/ChImps, Dual Strikes.

Also look into Barrier strips.

They come in American and European styles.

The American style is designed to take Crimp connectors, ether a fork or eyelet connector while the European style is designed to take bare wire.

Cthulus are NOT technically solderless PCB’s.

The add-on TE Kitty PCB’s Toodles makes for the 360 HRAP VLX and 360 Rnd 1/Rnd 2 Mad Catz TE’s DO have screw-on terminals for the cabling between the add-on PCB and the RJ45 pass-through you choose to use…

(* Last I checked Toodles didn’t have the 360 VLX Kitty in stock; it may be that he stopped making them seeing as the 360 VLX was a limited edition joystick; Hori chose not make a Diamond VLX for the 360 due to the small Asian market for the 360 console. Toodles does still make TE Kitty’s for the 360 Mad Catz TE models I listed. He sells adapter cables to use these PCB’s with the 360 TE-S models, too.)

The Cthulus do NOT have these screw terminals for the Cat5/5e cabling most people use to lead into the RJ45 pass-through. You need to either solder the eight Cat5 mini-cables into the solder positions on the Cthulu OR obtain pins to do solderless connections. It would have cost more than it already did for Toodles to put more terminal screws in those eight slots; the way the Cthulu was original meant to be used would have you attach several system controller connecter cables directly to the Cthulu PCB in the eight “Cat5” solder slots. It was later in the life cycle of the Cthulu PCB line that someone determined that only one RJ-45 connection was necessary and that the system connector cables could be tailored to use the RJ-45 passthrough.

I don’t know that you can add on terminal screws to the Cthulu PCB’s in those 8-solder slots but you’d be putting in more effort than just soldering directly to those positions. Honestly, I’ve never assembled a PCB from scratch myself and figured it was both cheaper and more sensible to do direction soldering connections to the MC Cthulus I bought… As mediocre as I am at soldering, I haven’t managed to ruin an MC Cthulu yet. They’re almost as tough as the Tekken 5 PCB’s.

I’ve been told pins do NOT work as well as soldering and that they can fall off. Soldering is a more permanent, solid connection.

In the situation you are talking about, yes there is soldering required. But as a standalone ps3 controller using the USB jack thats on it, there isn’t any soldering required (same goes for the chimp too). For a first timer, it would be very easy to do it that way if they just need ps3 or other systems beside a 360.

I actually prefer to use a chimp by itself in case I want to easily dual mod later on.