Solder or Glue


I was wondering can i use clue for the connection points (wholes) on me leo v2.


Solder then glue.



Expanding on this, you need to solder because just gluing it down isn’t making a permanent connection – it’s just holding it down, if it’s even connecting at all. Solder not only secures the wire, it assists in making a connection because it’s also conductive.

Really, don’t be afraid of soldering. Just make sure to wear safety goggles. Please God, wear safety goggles.


Wow you got god in this. That means i have to listen. lol lol lol. Thanks will do.


Yes, Fall 2011, he got injured.
Customer kept distracting him while soldering.
Soldering iron moved the wire, and the wire flicked hot solder into eye of DaRabidDuckie.

Now he is blind and pain and wears eyepatch.
In December, SRK donated to him money to pay hospital bills.


Now that’s crazy.


Solder makes an electrical connection. It should not be used for physical strength.
So solder to wire things up, glue to take the mechanical stress.


Are you guys serious?


Yes, yes we are serious.

Welcome to Tech Talk. We eat our guts and ask for seconds



I no longer use glue unless soldering to a trace. Glue is a pain in the ass to remove.