[soldering] cleaner way joint wires to retro pcb?

Many of the soldered pcbs on this board have all been soldered with the wire being jointed directly to the front of the pcb.

leaving wires flying off the top of the board going in every which direction… (think medusa)

QUESTION… will the following work…

  1. locate approriate button pad to joint

  2. insert 1/4 striped wire from BACK of pcb

  3. fold exposed wire 90 degrees across TOP of pcb on appropriate pad (L shape)

  4. joint wire / pcb with a dab of solder



  • result would be ~ 90% of wires hidden behind pcb. only soldered joints would be showing.
  • cleaner look
  • the “L” bend actually helps keep wire on board. making soldering easier ( i only have 2 hands)

exception to the power wire which will have to run across board.

start/select, and the lb/rb – but these are near edge of pcb, so these can be tucked away nicely


i’ve never soldered before… this is an idea. i need to know if my idea will work before i implement it.

im working on a dual pcb box (360 / ps3)

thoughts / critiques welcomed

Not every solder point has the little holes though. I used them from the front of the board when I could but regardless of how you do it you are going to end up with wires going every which way. I color coded mine. http://www.electronics123.com/s.nl/it.A/id.1931/.f and zip tied them in groups. when I had to reuse colors.

It’s not the cleanest install on earth, but I don’t get lost knowing what wire goes where.

it’ll work

just dont make your own holes.

grab some soldering flux if you havn’t (makes soldering supah easy). Remember that when using it, you only need a lil tiny bit.

great… i like what i hear. i have flux ready… i’ll be starting today after work.

Works, i used the same pcb to pad hack my mas stick.

to solder button pad LB and RB

you notice there is solder there already…

do i add more solder to the joint? or do i remove until i see copper, then joint wire to pad?

Do you know how to solder? The board you have couldn’t be any easier.

Get some flux and leaded solder. (dont fall for the flux solder)

Add a very thin coat of flux to the pad. Heat up the pad for a few seconds before placing the solder/iron on the pad. Add the solder to the iron and watch it flow right to pad. A perfect amount.