Soldering help

I think i’m probably retarded, but I’ve been through 3 pcb’s now and can’t seem to get it right. I always have a problem getting the solder to stick to the contact so that I can put the wire down. Should I be using some kind of flux or something? I’m using a 30 watt soldering iron, and when I’m done it looks like I end up burning the area around the contacts because it takes me several tries to get the wire to the board, and more often than not, it comes off right away and I need to try again.

I’ve never been shown how to solder, so I’m basically just winging it, but I’m sick of burning up pcb’s. Also, I’m using 22gauge hook up wire from radio shack, which doesn’t seem to be multiple threads like the wire i usually see in sticks, but rather just one solid copper wire. Is that alright, or do I need another type of wire?

I apologize for my newbness in advance. I’ve looked for tutorials and such, but they all seem to assume that one knows the fundamentals of soldering, which I clearly don’t. I’ve got parts for a few sticks who’s pcb’s have died one way or the other, and I’d like to be able to get new pcb’s and wire them up myself, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, specifically, I’m trying to wire official DC pads. I’ve got 2 happ p360’s, the older ones, and DC pads are the only ones i know of with a 5v line for the joystick. Again, I’d be much obliged by any help anyone can offer.

if it comes off real easy then the bond isnt strong enough, i suck at soldering but heres what i do, heat alittle solder on the contact point so it has a bonding point, then i put the wire over the contact so it lays ontop of it and pin it down with my nail, then heat the wire (solid>>>>>>stranded) and put solder on it so it bonds with the point, make sure its on properly (soft tug) then put hot glue over it the point for strength.

I hope these sites help =)

Someone else on this forum posted this link, helped me quite a bit.