Soldering help

Im hacking a psone series H for my VSHG stick and I want to know if it matters what ground I need to solder on to for daisy chain wiring. :sweat:

nope doesn’t really matter. i think i used the one that goes to the L1 and L2 buttons on one and the select button on another one.

Thanks for the quick reply deci

Sell VSHG pcb?

np, always glad to help a fellow baiken player hehe

Sorry for the thread hijack… Could someone clarify how to wire from ground to ground (I’m a complete noob). Does each point on the pad’s pcb need to connect to a ground on VSHG? Can it be a single ground on the VSHG?

If your pad has a universal ground there shouldn’t be a problem wiring all the grounds (the Sanwa JLF, the Sanwa buttons, the terminal for all the smaller buttons at the top) to it.

NotANoob81: I’ll be selling my VSHG PCB at some point in the future, although I’m guessing you’re based in the States, so it may not be worth your while purchasing mine. If nobody else can help, feel free to PM me.

I sent you a PM about that man, check your pms.