Soldering help


Hey guys…

Possibly a dumb question for some, but i’m kinda lost…

I got this older wireless 360 PCB i’m gonna use for my stick… Now following slagcoin’s diagram i got lost…
There’re quite a few common ground points on there… Is this controller using 1 common ground or not?

Where would be the best place to solder common ground? My friends are saying to x,y,b,a pad

Question 2. does any one knows signal and common points for synch button?

Thanks, sorry if this question was answered before, my searching skills must suck…


nvm… can’t use this for my jlf with 1 ground…


If you cut the Traces on JLF TP-MA (Microswitch PCB assembly), then you can use.


i’m not too experienced in electronics so i think i’ll just get wired controller with common ground…


you CAN use a non-common controller with a JLF, there are several options for you.

  1. cut the traces on the JLF PCB and solder directly. easy
  2. use an optocoupler to make the pad common ground, also easy.
  3. use analog switches and a hex inverter to make the pad common ground.
  4. do a cherry switch mod.

for the sync button, use RDC’s diagram.