Soldering points on the A series psx controller

so i just opened up my pad read for the solderless hack and then i noticed that i dont have a terminal in which i can put the wires so i have to resort back to soldering. so where are the soldering points on the board?

i have the one for H series

i think you might find something here too

The transparent A Series are the only ones you can do the solderless hack.

Why is that?

Any significant differences from the dual shock H and M series?

Not true, I’ve done the hack on a non-transparent A-Series controller (white shell/PSOne controller).

Oh fuggin’ weird.

Maybe it’s just the grey ones and all of the transparent/not-grey A series have been the hackable ones?

What are you talking about? I opened up a gray DualShock controller and it had the ribbon terminal.

i think everyone misunderstood me. but yes it has the analog pad. i was trying to do spiffy shoes solderless hack but when i opened it up there was no terminal for me to place wires into. and this was the only controller i could find in town anyways and i cant return it, past time for that. so i want to solder wires to it so i can use it but i dont know where the soldering points are.

You might want to ask Toodles. Guy seems to know most everything about this kind of stuff from what I’ve read.

It’s pretty common knowledge that just because it’s a DS1 A series doesn’t mean it will be solderless. I’ve even had H series that were solderless. The reason why Spiffy suggests the transparent ones is so you can verify if it’s solderless without buying them. Any other pad is a common hack. Look at the H series one posted above. It may not look exactly the same but it will give you a good idea. The ground and signals may be in different places for each button but just look for the common ground. You will see that all the grounds will be connected by traces. The OTHER one is the signal.


Can someone tell what cables should I use for this hack? I tried with some from an old DC controller I never used and they were rather thick.

Also… is it really as difficult as I think it is? It was almost impossible for me to get 2 cables together with my psycho killer pulse

The A-series solderless hack should be done with 26 gauge solid (plating is optional) insulated copper wire.

i know this as well my original idea was to solder anyways but i still had to find a ps1 pad i just happened to have gotten an a series out of coincidence and was gonna follow spiffy’s idea but when i saw i couldnt it was back to line one. but it doesnt look the same as soldering a series h pad so i was asking.

Again, they may not look EXACTLY the same, but aside from the solderless type, all other DS1 look almost the same. Some you will see have soldering points that are semi-circles, while others sometimes use interlocking U shapes and such. Regardless, the soldering points should still be quite obvious.

And if people really want help, post a CLEAR picture of the PCB and someone will mark the soldering points for you. It would take less than a minute for me to do so. This would have provided an answer within a post or two as opposed to ongoing useless posts.


**PS1 Dual Shock M


Don’t know whether it’s clear enough or not… If not I’ll just take another

The picture could be better but it’s enough where I’m 99% sure of all the marks I’ve made here. If it were a better picture, I would have done a neater job on the coloring, but you get the idea. As always, I use clickable thumbnails, so click to enlarge it.

Note that there are multiple points to solder for a lot of these. For example you will see the directions have the big black area but there is also a small circle near it as well. Also you can see the solder points for the L and R triggers or you can go right next to them where the "orangish colored material is and scratch off that material to find the copper traces.

All PS pads have a common ground so even though I’ve marked all the areas, you obviously can choose the one that’s easiest for you.



Question… Can I use one of the grounds for all buttons and another for just the stick (LS-32-01)?

PS. Offtopically; When mounting the stick on HFS2, did you remove the all the crap (like screw holes and other shit in the way) on the original mounting area?

where do i find the 26 solid gauge?

i litterally just took apart my black duel shock ps2 a series controller, and it doesn’t hvae the ribben cable, at least not a solderless one from what i can tell :frowning:

haven’t been sucessfull in finding any tutorials for this kind of pad (at least, none from any threads where pics still exist). i assume this will take some soldering? if so, can somebody be so kind as to label the button config? (could probably figure it out from the top circuit, but having somebody who knows what they’re doing label it would make me feel more confident :smiley: )