Soldering question

Hey guys I have to say you are all verry helpfull. I never really post on forums just troll and find my information, but everyone here seems really cool and like minded.

I did try to look through the forums to find these answers but this is a huge forum. I also went to slag coin which is a great refference.

1st question I am using a butain soldering iron which I like a lot however when I solder on a PCB I tend to make really long pins of solder on the soldering points. is there another atachemnt I need? or what am I doing wrong

2nd are there any good videos you can recommend for soldering so I can get better at it. I get the job done…but it aint that pretty

For beginners trying to solder you don’t have to spend too much on gear…i would go to radioshack and buy one of their $9 15watt soldering irons…one with a thin pencil like tip…thats all the heat you would need…remember to expose only the thinnest part of the wire tip to solder to the contact point…the longer you spend on a joint the more likely you will melt off the insulation…i prep the spot I’m soldering with a spot of solder before I heat the wire to the point of contact on a board…makes out easier to apply and less time on the wire… If its a through hole connection like an fgwidget board obviously put the wire through first before soldering…but theres not much to it after that…

Thanks BWOA

as for the video I found a good one on youtube if anyone else was interested

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