Soldering required for the SE Stick if I wanna change Select/Start to arcade buttons?


For the select and start buttons, do I need to actually solder to the little board that connects to the back, or can I just unplug the wires leading to it, remove the plastic connectors there, and add disconnects to the edges of the wires for a select and start button.

Also, same goes for the XBox home button, I don’t need any of the turbo stuff, so would I need to solder it (ground and regular cable).

I’ve been having a lot of trouble finding any actual reference material to this. A friend of mine got me the PCB to the tournament stick, but not the actual case itself, nor did I get the face plate to the home/turbo features buttons.

Please help




my guess is that if there is only 4 or 3 wires, you don’t need the little PCB. One or two of those wires will be common ground and the other two will be signal wires for start and select. If all you see is to traces and those black carbon pads then you can cut the wires and just crimp quick disconnects to the wires.

If there are some capacitors and resistors or an IC on the little board you may want to pay attention to it.