Soldering Services - Cthulhu, Chimp, and other Electronics

Offering my soldering services for any type of electronics need you may have.

You send me your stick with a Cthulhu/Chimp and I’ll wire it up for you.


$50 + shipping for all Cthulhu+Imp/Chimp installs. You pay all shipping costs. If you want to find out the shipping price my zip code is 80920 and thats Colorado Springs, CO.

NOTE- I’m not doing MC Cthulhu at this time too much of a hassle.******

If you want an MC Cthulhu or any other device installed PM me or post here with what you want done and I’ll quote you a price.

I always take pictures of my work so you can see what you’re getting from me.

**Samples of my work **


Cthulhu 1

Cthulhu 2

Cthulhu 3 in SE Stick

Cthulhu 4

Nice, looks very clean and aesthetically pleasing!

Do you hack Madcatz 360 pads (with or without triggers?) ? *If so, please send me a quote of 360 pad + MC Cthulu --> RJ45 mod. thanks !

*- (to know for a possible future order)

PM sent

Very Very Neat. :smiley:

Insanely neat wiring. What gauge wire is the ribbon cable you use?

Also, $40 is a steal for that level of neatness and attention to detail.

Agreed. This is the cleanest wiring I’ve seen on the site. It looks like it was commercially done. I would personally charge more if I was this obsessive.

Thanks for the compliments.

Its actually not ribbon cable, its regular 30 AWG kynar wire, there is just a trick to get it to look like that.

Can you pre-wire a led kit and a dual mod (hacked 360 pad and a MC Cthulu)? So all you have to do is drop it in the case and it’s ready to go! Dual modded with leds. Just curious cause that would be awesome!

Wax coating maybe? Looks like Bendaroos hahah

EJM linked that this is how he do.

I like how in some of his work, he stacks the pcbs on top of each other, this might make room for dual pcb + imp in a smaller case, where there wouldn’t be room otherwise :]

Wow, that is almost art right there, seriously.

These are absolutely beautiful. I may hit you up for some work in the future…

Can you hack a wireless 360 pad? If you do let me know how much including shipping it back. Thanks

Yes, I can do the wireless 360 pad. The price would be $40 + shipping, you provide the pad, my zip code is 80920.

Wow! that is beautiful wiring right there. I would keep a see thru lexan on my TE just to show it off.

I have a PS3 TE and a 360 TE.
From what I am reading, it is easier to start with the 360 board to dual mod. Is that right?
Are you able to get all the parts needed for the mod? If not, what will I need to order and send out to you?

For the 360 TE you would need a Cthulhu PCB + Imp board or a Chimp PCB (New combined Imp + Cthulhu)

hey EJM sent u a PM.

also, do you test them once they’ve been wired? just curious

maChubbyBeaver, here’s your mod, tested and working.


Wow that looks just amazing to say the least…Thanks so much EJM

All I have to do is solder my USB cable to loose ends right?