Soldering services? Help me with my stick please!

Sorry if this post is in the wrong place or anything, please don’t hurt me :confused:

Hello, I’m working on my crappy arcade stick (oak wood box, 8 buttons, Sanwa JLF stick w/ orange bubbley top) and I was wondering: -Is there anyone I can send my almost complete xbox 360 madcatz wired PCB to so I can get this finished? I hate soldering, but I got it done- except- I tested my arcade buttons on the triggers, but when I do it, the whole board short-circuits and restarts. I need you to fix the triggers only. Everything else is soldered. some wires could probably use re-soldering. The pins on the triggers and the spinny boxes on the triggers should be intact. -No, I don’t know whats wrong, and No, I really don’t feel like or have the confidence to do this myself, at least anymore…

God- I already like tore apart like 3 controllers for this :looney:
?One controller didn’t have common ground- fantastic. Was from pelican or something.
?One was a PCB identitical to the one I’m working on now, a wired re-branded gamestop-madcatz pcb. I completely #$^#^'ed up and tore off both the trigger button pins/spin-boxes
?and the madcatz-wried gamestop-rebranded PCB I’m working on.
I spun the weird spinning boxes on the triggers so they we’re at 50% on my control panel screen on the computer.
-I do not know whats wrong, I test my button’s wire on the middle pin on BOTH triggers.
-some soldering on some of the buttons is probably totally craptastic, if you could do it better it’d be awesome times 10 billion.

I don’t have money, but I can:
?give you the two PCBs I already tore out of controllers already.
?maybe a game in my collection I don’t want and can give to you. Xenogears for playstation 1, anyone?
?And can do: Drawn art work/pixel art work/3d artwork/photoshopping/forum avatars and sigs. I also do voice-overs/synthesizer music/and sound effects.
?something else you might be able to think of. Let me know.

?I’d be willing to trade the almost complete stick/box/and the two PCBS for just a tournament edition madcatz ST IV arcade stick, instead of the above.

this project is driving me nuts- I just want it done so I can have a arcade stick to play with online.

Also I cannot possibly spend anymore money on this project- I could’ve already bought a madcatz SF IV pro stick AND a fight pad…I’m one sad sad panda. Sad / crying / dead face. Also can anyone tell me how they get their really cool face panel art on their sticks? thanks.

I also live in albuquerque, NM.

I actually ordered a prehacked pad from a guy on another forum that offers a choice of a common ground or not, it’s still in the mail but I will post back as soon as i get it if your interested.

ziggy… where from? I’m interested in this also.


If its $50 or less, count me in.

Just resolder Fierce/Roundhouse to LB/RB then. There’s really no need to have LT/RT or an 8 button layout on an arcade stick…

Mind taking a picture of the PCB? Might turn out the problem is something really simple… (i.e. the resistor is soldered to the wrong pin)

Look for threads by Nareg ( who I believe isn’t taking anymore orders at the moment, or zombie cpt. Or PM them.

Sounds like you need to read this thread to make your triggers work

Screw the triggers…who the hell needs 8 buttons anyway???

Just wire up the RB/LB and stick with 6 button.

I don’t know but apparently a lot of people wants 8 button. I get a bunch of request for 8 buttons all the time.


People just HAVE to have a taunt button or something?

Have any of them explained why they want 8?

No, I never ask them. I just do what they want as long as they are willing to pay. Makes life easier that way.

I’m guessing it’s just preference… What’s wrong with that? Live and let live I say.

Its much more effort to do the triggers when hacking the pad, thats whats wrong with that. HIPPY. :arazz:

Understood, however, if it’s preference and someone’s willing to pay/be paid to have it done then why does it rub so many people the wrong way?

The question’s more rhetorical than anything.


Well, no one wants to go into the player control panel everywhere they go and change the button layout. It might not seem like a big deal, but this is something that every company should always do for their customers – and it’s something that should not be frowned upon in a service.

8 buttons, or 6 buttons, regardless of what it is the littlest detail can always account for people buying a product or not buying it. I’m thankful that people like Zombie CPT can do triggers and don’t pass them off simply because they might cost us extra or include more labor. So long as we, the buyer, compensate, who cares the layout?

go go 8 buttons!

some of us are completionists who like having a pad that not only works for all current games but games in the future. Who knows, maybe a fighter will come out that needs 8 buttons and shazaam! i have them all.

Agreed. I understand that there are “purists” out that that don’t like the macro buttons PPP mapped to one button but not everyone takes the game THAT seriously. Besides, doesn’t that violate one of Sirlin’s rules, “Play to win”? If having those extra macro buttons provides an edge then why shouldn’t someone use it?

And, how else can you navigate titles, icon, leaderboards etc without the triggers?

If one doesn’t like the 8 button layout, cool. But you shouldn’t begrudge someone their 8 button layout because YOU don’t like it. You know?

Those are navigated with LB/RB, not LT/RT. :rofl:


Are you taking any pre-soldered PCB orders zombie?

Sure, prices are $50 shipped for a madcatz regular without triggers. $65 with triggers. I will have a madcatz retro pcb coming in the mail next week and I can do that one with triggers for $45 shipped. They are larger than the regular ones so keep that in mind.

I also will crimp on QD of your choice(.110" for jap, .187" for american) on and daisy chain the ground. Depending on what joystick you use, I will include wire butt connectors for harness type or crimp on .187" QD for tab style.

shoot me a PM if interested.