Soldering skills desperately needed, i will pay you

ok, so i have a home made arcade stick for my xbox 360, but my girlfriend dropped it the other day n now its broken(some of the solder contacts have come loose and broken) and at this time i cannot solder them again (1 i dont own a solder any more, 2 my soldering skills are a bit ****).

and wiht street fighter 4 being out, i am pissed off. stuck with hori doa4 stick for now…

so i have a new xbox 360 wired controller and i was wondering if any one had soldering skills that i could send the controller pcb off to and they would solder wires to the digital inputs (start, guide button, a, b, x, y, rb and lb) so i could then just hook it right up to my stick again.

of course i am prepared to pay for such a service.

post back if your interested and we will talk money.


I’ll do it for $500 in gold coins.

This dude is much more affordable>

I await a pm.

cheers mate, il have a look.