Soldering Wires onto a PS2 Dualshock

So I’m trying to make an arcade stick with a PS2 Dualshock PCB. I have this one:

I’m quite new at soldering so I’d like to ask if there’s any easier way to do this than to just solder the wire straight onto the pins. The pins are awfully small and it might pose some difficulty.

Also, does the PS2 “analog” button act as the PS button for the PS3?


The easier way is to hack a PSone PCB. It has large contacts to solder to.

Hey, i had a go at this a couple weeks back, and its really not worth the effort unless you’re a good solderer. I had about 3/4 of it done and it was looking good, and then one mistake and the whole thing went to shit. i didn’t even try to salvage it. Should’ve just kept it as a spare controller.

And no, the analogue button doesn’t work as a PS button.

How would I go about getting a PS button then?

No one has had any success with this? :C

Many converters you would use with a PS1/2 pad have a PS button on them. Yes, people have don’t this hack, but it is not a novice job.

I seriously just recommend finding an easier PCB to hack if you aren’t comfortable with the size of the solder points.

Oh that’s not good, my converter doesn’t have a PS button.

Also I already took the controller apart and I might as well give it a go. I don’t give two craps about this controller.

try pressing Up + Select it works for me and i don’t have the ps button.