Question. So I found out that I had a short in my TE where the USB connects to the PCB. so I disconnected all the wires and now I’m going to re solder. question number 1: Does it matter which way I thread the wires?

2: Does anyone know what order the wires go in? I know where the small black wire goes, and where the large black wire goes, but where do the last 3 go? a picture would be 100%. Thanks

1- no it doesnt, i’ve done it both ways and they both work

2- wires go in a specific order. It says on the board which wire goes where.
if i remember its VCC, D+, D-, GND, SGND but dont’ take my word for it, it says so on the board
color of wires VCC - red, D-, white, D+ green, GND black, SGND thick black (sgnd and gnd are the same, sgnd is just usb shielding)

gah this is a pain. These wire strippers keep effing up my green wire. at this rate I’m not gonna have any green wire to use. I need to connect all of the strands of green wiring in order to get a connection right?

No you Don’t need all of the strands. Pro tip, tin the wires before inserting them in and soldering. Also suck up all the solder getting in the way. You may need to see this instructional video


well… I think I just learned that soldering isn’t for me. I think I may have just destroyed my PCB. I was trying to desolder some old wire out of the PCB, and as I pulled it out, another copper looking piece came out with it. I’m pretty sure that’s what used to make a connection entirely. lol

hooray. Broken TE is broken. Time to order a new one. 8D

If you can post up some pic’s of the pcb, might be able to offer some pointers on if you can salvage it. Maybe you could bridge it with another wire.

just stop and have a modder around your area fix it… that will take all but 5 min.

^^The BlindManWithOneArm has a point!

I remember the first time this happened to me…

You just peeled off a copper pad, its fixable and still works. All you have to do is follow the trace over to the smd components and it will work again if done correctly.

I always just scratch the trace a little bit to expose the copper underneath. Get some solder on the scratched part, tin your wire, and you’ll be good to go.

In the future, remember your solder iron needs to make contact for a very short time. Like, 2 seconds, max.