Solderless Lock-Switch mod?

Is there a solderless way to make the start and back buttons disabled with the lock switch?

Or maybe a different kind of button that wouldn’t be so easy to press (unless you really wanted to). I have looked around but can’t find this info.

Or maybe you can tie a trigger button to the start button so both need to be pressed at once to register?

Any ideas?

  1. No* (unless you count ‘Buy a TE-S’ as a solderless way to do it.)
  2. Sure, replace it with a toggle switch and one of these:
    But, youd have to drill a new hole for the toggle switch.
  3. That is pretty easy and can be done solderlessly, but you’d have to drill a hole for the ‘trigger’ button/switch to mount it. Just cut the ground wires going to Start and Back, twist 'em together, crimp a QD, and connect to one leg of the switch. Do the same for the other half of the wires you just cut to the other leg of the switch

OK thanks. I’m going to wire the Start button into the ground of the LT (4K) button so both need to be pressed for start to register. 4P for back.

I don’t use those buttons anyways.