Solderless w/o quick disconnects

I Ordered my parts for my 360 fights stick. pcb and all. I for got to order quick disconnect >.>. I ordered them today so they will come next week? I guess.

Does any one know a way I can connect the wire to button w/o having to solder while I wait for my disconnects.

Would simple tape be good enough?, just so I have functionality while I wait.

(sorry for noob question)


I don’t really understand what you’re doing… but I’m assuming you’re making your own 360 stick.

Just strip the wires longer than normal and wrap them through the hole in the button several times. It will work fine temporarily, and even permanently if you really wanted to do that.

You can put the wire through the holes on the button terminals like threading a needle. Though you run the risk of having wires touch and giving problems with buttons pressing without you wanting them to. It’s also easier for these to come disconnected, but if you wrap the wire around the terminal after you thread it, it’s actually fairly sturdy.

I wouldn’t recommend tape for this kinda job. You could hot glue the wires in after you thread the wire through and it’ll be quite sturdy. Hot glue is actually fairly easy to remove too (I’ve messed up soldering jobs and had to undo hot glue, and I was still able to resolder to wires and contacts that had previously had glue on them).

Okay. Thanks. sorry for not making it clear. I’ll do that till I get my disconnects

If you have some heatshrink tubing you could use that to shield the exposed wire after you wrap it around the hole in the microswitch. It’s like ghetto soldering.

You can also use household masking tape to temporarily tape the wires onto place. Just don’t use anything strong like duct tape or electrical tape.

Why wouldnt you want to use electrical tape? In my joystick box now, I have two PCBs and its a very tight fit. I had a problem with the terminals touching the cherry switches on the stick and I would get weird results. I put eletrical tape around the cheery switches so the wires wouldnt cross and its worked so far.

But yea, You could scotch tape the exposed wire to the buttons and that would work, ive seen it.

You could also try hot glue. Will keep them in place, keep them from touching, and is pretty easy to peel off when you need to.