Soldersucking accident!

So I’m a noob when it comes to soldering but I am so freaking close to finishing my custom arcade stick so I just want to finish soldering and start playing SF4 again :P. This is the pcb

So what happened was that I did a bad joint and I was about to solder suck the bastard. But being the noob that I am I held the solder sucker to close to the “A signal pad”. The pad ripped off and now I’m not getting a signal from A. Is there a way to fix this? Maybe start soldering from the back? I haver a old wired 360 controller with no common ground.

Thanks :smiley:

You should post pics of your PCB instead of pics of your joystick, and post 'em in the padhacking thread. :slight_smile:

that sucks. Looking at that pic though, your other joints you soldered look pretty bad. Might wanna redo them or your gonna get a bad/faulty connection

you should maybe look at the soldering tutorials peppered through out the site, i believe slagcoin has one up too… your solders basically look like the DON’T pictures rather than the DO.

have a look at the tutorials though seriously… how many pads can you afford to go through? lol

Judging from the photo, there are slightly more problems than that signal pad. Like AJ said, the other solder points are pretty bad – they are not shiny and look likely to crack.

I have a question though… don’t get offended: Did you remove the black finish from each copper connection? From what I can tell, you are trying to solder through the black stuff, which would result in your horrible joints since the black stuff isn’t metal. It looks as though you simply lifted off the black pad on top of the copper connection in the photo to reveal the copper beneath. I have no idea what that clear goo looking stuff is either…

Anyways, it is possible to solder to the trace, but I don’t know where it is on your pad.

You can recovery from that quite easily. Scrape a little of the trace away and solder to that instead.

btw, you are using WAY too much solder, less than half that amount is enough. Also, the wires are too thick and you can’t solder to the black pads, solder won’t stick properly or at all to it.

Thanks for your help guys! As I said this is my first time soldering, I have scraped off the black stuff, but maybe I didnt do it enough…

Thanks for the tip Dramcazman :smiley:

Allright I’ll use less solder :stuck_out_tongue:

Try this

What I always do and it works good for me is, get a dremal tool with a wire brush attachment and use it to clean off the black stuff and then get some isopropyl alcohol and a q-tip and clean the copper where you are going to solder. Try some smaller wire like 24 awg. That pcb is not ruined, follow the trace from where it was (i can even see it in your pic) got to the next hole thing below and dremal wire brush it and expose the copper. Go get a better solding iron too, weller is good 30 bucks, that can make a big difference too.

I thought i read that another way is to drill through with a 1/32 bit and run the wire through from the other side and solder. Anyone else do that before?

nope that sounds very scetchy to me, why do that when you can just scrape away a little bit of stuff and solder it there.

So under the light green traces there’s a copper line? So if i removed the green off that hole under where he has the problem, I would be able to solder there? Sounds like a good thing to know just incase I mess up.

Thats what I do. As long as you drill it slowly it should be all good.

yeah there is a copper line what i do is follow the line to one of the holes then use the dremal tool and remove the green crap and there will be a nice copper pad there to solder to.

Forgive my ignorance, but brushing off that green stuff won’t destroy the pcb somehow? I always assumed the green stuff was necessary – or is it simply a coating for the copper?

The green on the pcb has so many shapes and designs i always assumed it was there for a reason and not simply to cover copper.

How deep do I dremel? Just less than 1 mm?

The green coating is only there to serve as a protective coating, to stop the copper oxidizing. Just use a small sharp blade and gently scrape it off. Don’t go too gun-ho otherwise you’ll wreck the copper trace underneath.

The demal with the wire brush attachment is rad you really can’t over do it with it that is why I like it, the brush just takes the green stuff off and doesn’t wreck the pcb. I like the way HarumaN does it here

as an alternative, since your stuck doing precision work now, you may as well use the reverse side of the pcb which offers the same access to all buttons, with the benefit of solder points larger (slightly) than traces themselves:

advice: find a scrap piece of electronics and practice first. You won’t hit those spots easily.

Be sure you’re using a GOOD soldering iron too. Looks like you fried that thing with way too much heat for board work. Any Weller with temp control will be just fine.

perhaps you should try smaller cables. yours look pretty big.