Soldier Loses 70% of Leg, Scientists Regrow It!

Dailymail, so it maybe slightly exaggerated…

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Let’s see if he turns into a Lizard.

Time to go beast mode in this bitch!!!


Really? I honestly wonder what the future holds

There’s hope for House yet!


without bill nye this would not have been possible

Too bad he’ll be in jail for attempted murder.

I want a drug that’ll regenerate or stop brain cells from dying.

Cure amnesia…then you have my interest

Make his bones metal and I might consider joining the army.

do we really wanna deal wit metal skeletons…didnt work so well for logan.

lol@ lizard jokes.

Is that a serious question?

Someones $60 richer- Cave Johnson

Works pretty well for Master Chief

I’m saddened, cuz they used PIG parts.

lol sounds like a doc connor appetite.

Amazing! There’s hope for my master plan yet.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking Pinky?

yh and im still waiting for my hover board :frowning:

A few days ago I was hoping I would get bitten by a spider that gave me some sort of powers