Solid Anchors?

I’m having trouble filling my 3rd spot. I’m currently running mags, wolverine, and ____.
I was using sentinel, then I swapped with storm for the easy DHC glitch into wolv (team arial, started by wolv and switching to storm for DHC trick.)
However, sent was working ok, but he’s easy to counter for ppl that know how to beat him, and storm’s normals are decent, but her damage potential doesn’t really extend too far beyond her basic combos into ultra (adding complexity to her combos adds like 30k damage…who cares?!) if my other 2 characters die, she dies fast against x-factor akuma or phoenix.

Any tips?

Akuma, gotta get that Best Friends going on.

Easy Operation.

In b4 the random Phoenix & Akuma posts.

Take this to the team making thread or general discussion, no need for an entire new thread.