Solid wood block stick

Im thinking of constructing a stick from a solid piece of wood and I want to use mdf is there anyplace I can get a solid piece of mdf about 9 X 11 X 2 or something close to that?

I haven’t seen anything like that at any of the mainstream places that sell lumber. however I can’t say for certain they dont come like that. I will however provide a link to Paik4life’s stick journal where he glued a few MDF boards together and routed his stick out of that just in case you havent seen it. Even if you don’t have a planer the MDF boards should come uniform enough that they’ll be strong if you glue them as it. If that’s not enough you could probably just put some wood filler and sand the boards to make them more uniform.

I distinctly recall reading on here in some awesome poster’s stick-building guide that the best thing to do is to fasten (glue?) a number of slabs of MDF together. I remember it so specifically because I was surprised it would be sturdy enough like this but apparently it works quite well.

I tried searching for the thread but I can’t find it for the life of me. I could’ve sworn it was by TheRealNeoGeo for his yellow stick (the one in his avatar previous to the new Vewlix-themed one). It was called something like a “stick building guide and journal” or “guide and diary” or something. Man this is going to drive me insane now.

edit: wait ahaha Monte you beat me by half an hour and yes that’s the thread I was thinking of :rofl:

thanks guy i was looking for this thread