Solo Guard Break



oh…wait. sorry, never mind~
be sure to watch the whole thing.

Yeah, so I have no idea why this does/doesn’t work. It wouldn’t be the most practical thing, but neither is playing as the lawyer in the first place. If your little grey cells can make the case and figure out how to make this work 100% then please, let me know.

For those not in the loop, you can throw someone on their first frame of block/hitstun and it should be untechable.

It could be a training room bug, but I don’t have the patience or the programable controllers to do this in VS mode.


I saw something similar with Doom/Ammy. Might be useful on incoming characters.


Yeah, the main advantage of using maya would be you could use it on their wakeup or after confirming they’ve blocked an assist on the ground. You can time maya such that she’ll hit those trying to jump away low (and get a 2 hit grab) and if they decide to block maya, you get to grab them through blockstun. The opponent can still advancing guard such that the end of the assist and maya connecting is a true blockstring so you CAN’T do an untechable grab. Welcome to Marvel, nothing is absolute.

Of course this is a god damn bastard to time and it differs per character and wether they’re crouching or standing. Oh, and it seems to randomly let the opponent tech and shows the throw animation anyway.


it’s a guard break that is more hassle than it’s worth and if you somehow time it correctly, it still doesn’t work 100%


Well, if they tech, who has the advantage? You’re still in their face, and maybe you can sneak a quick :f::m: or cr.:l:.


If they tech the ‘untechable’ throw they have total advantage. You’re stuck doing the throw animation and they can move around and even do supers, the super freeze messes up the screen a bit.

It’s incredibly odd, I can SEE my character get hit by maya, yet I can tech the throw. One time there wasn’t even a ‘breakaway’ message on screen, the hitsparks from maya appeared (they were yellow, so no counterhit) but I was in no hitstun and instead landed a back+H against the dummy set to perform the guard break.


I didn’t see the thrower getting hit, though, I think you essentially have a neutral game as the throw animation ends.


Yeah, you can block, but your opponent can set up ANYTHING they want DURING the throw animation to take advantage once you’re vunerable. It is in no way a good thing for Mr. Wright. Anyway, I’ve given up on trying to figure out what is going on with this until I can capture at 60fps and can set this up with just frame precision.


Thats an interesting find I did not know that worked for everyone, but my friend confirmed that you can do it off pretty much any assist its just a bitch to time. still most of these set ups work with an assist, using a plinked maya has its own benefits being that wright can do it himself and maya will cover most of your opponent’s ground options if anything goes wrong. Could be on to a sick incoming mixup, or maybe just another gimmick to add to the growing bag xD


Sorta unrelated to this topic, but what’s the best way to get plinking maya down? Like I can do it when I’m standing still and thinking about it, but during a combo or a match I just go full retard and never get it lol.

I mean, I see you(mew mew) and the other wrights do it all the time and from what I can tell it seems to be one of the most important and vital things that you can add to ones wright game.


Depends. Are you on a pad or stick?


I just looked into it as I was helping Metaskipper find ways to leave up Frank. What I do is :qcf::m:/:h: and then hit :s: while still holding :m:/:h:. Think of it like a roll, you hold one button and roll onto the other one.


I actually will have to try that. I usually just slide my fingers across the buttons on my pad, but it only works for :l:, and it’s not foolproof. Hopefully, I’ll be able to plink :h: now ( :m: is still a pain, since :m:+:s: is so annoying to press, and sliding will usually end up clipping :a1:).


Stick, I know it is easier with a pad though because you can basically just roll your thumb from H to S or L to S lol.


well, if you have a fightpad in stead of a normal pad, it’s only good for L.

Well, all I can say is practice. A lot. Just get it down. Practice your plink dashes and Maya plinks.


So I was experimenting with Mew Mew’s video here’s what I got [media=youtube]Xip4_QpTHJg[/media] Pretty risky since if the opponent expects it they can throw you.


Can’t you call an assist and attempt the untechable throw without maya? I tried it with ammy and it seemed to work a few times. Basically call ammy > cancel hold it > walk up throw. Not sure if it’s untechable but a few times the cpu got hit by ammy and I still got a throw off.


It’s certainly not limited to only using Maya. It’s cool if you can make a solo set up using it, maybe for a reset, but you can certainly try with assists.