Solo Sho Challenge 25?

Working on Sho’s 70-hit combo challenge, even though I have not completed challenges 23 and 24. Theres a few ways I thought I could tackle this:

  1. Sho’s infinite; BC jump BC loop till it gets to 70, and hopefully 7000 dmg.
    2)One more Cancel, one more super
    3)Finish Challenge 24; add something to the end of it.

One thing I realized though is that Sho’s super can be followed up by select attacks if it is used in a counter hit combo. However, the longer the preceding combo is, the shorter the hitstun for the opponent is at the end of the super. So far the only combo I’ve been able to piece together is:

/C, -A, A, /B, B, C-, / > B, (B, C), / < A, //Jumpcancel//, Air C, Izayoi, />/>A, wait till the end…, A, />/>A.

This is only halfway through, however and theres nothing to do on the other side of the second super.
Can anyone help me on this?

fatal 2C > 2B > 5C > 236B~B~C > jc > delay j.B > 2B >sweep > 214A > delay j.C > 2B > sweep > 236A~A > jc > j.C > j.DP > 236236A x3 +39%7339dmg/requires 150%
better to S hold after the first super to get the other two

also info like this is better to get off dustloop forums than here, this forum is pretty dead

Thanks, ill look into it

Hi Everyone, I jus wanted to upload an video of SHO I just did doin over 7k. I tried goin onto dustloop but for nothing I can’t register,so.e hkw it keeps me from doin so… So am here Lmao. Maybe you p4u2 guy’s alrdy know about this combo, maybe not but I’ve not seen it on youtube so I decided ill post it. Lol here it is SHO-you how we do this thing…:

Hope you’ll like… Lol… If anyone seen this combo b4 plz inform I don’t want to take credit for anyone else work… Thnx.
Psn tag# MS_AnalystL2W