Solo vs Duo vs Trio - (Wo)Man Teams - Ratio Discussion


Hey guys this thread will be a discussion as to what team ratio you prefer. It can be discussed by either listing pros and cons or whatever you want to get your point across. Let’s get ball rolling.

1 Character Team:

  • 1.70 Damage Multiplier vs. other ratio teams (1.00 vs. same ratio and best out of 3 round format).
  • More Health in comparison to other teams.
  • No access to assists to extend combos or supplement rushdown, keepaway, or defense.

I think 1 character teams are decent, but the lack of assist really irks me in this game. At least most of the cast has some sort of weakness or something they need an assist to supplement. But I feel that the damage output and life somewhat makes up for this. But if thought in terms of characters with high life and damage, I start to think about the common grappler character. They usually have high life and damage but most often lack in solid tools to get in and apply the damage, when compared to low life characters with vastly more options (cough Seth cough Viper*)

2 Character Team:

  • 1.30 Damage Multiplier vs other ratio teams (1.00 vs. same ratio)
  • Access to one assist to extend combos or supplement rushdown, keepaway, or defense.
  • Less Health in comparison to 1 character teams.

This ratio I tend to favor the most. Gives access to assists and I believe if the player is creative enough can easily make up for the damage drop-off from the 1 character ratio (about a 25% drop compared to 1 ratio). As for the anchor not having backup if point character dies kind of restricts the 2nd slot. Most likely you’d want a good assist that can also play unsupported just in case. I’m sure any character can still put up a fight still with 1.30x multiplier and decent health, but for sure it’ll always be an uphill battle against a 1 ratio character.

3 Character Team
+Access to two types of assists to extend combos or supplement rushdown, keepaway, or defense.

  • Can call only one assist per combo.
  • 1.00 Damage Multiplier vs other and same ratio teams.
  • Less Health in comparison to other ratio teams.

I tend to like this ratio the least. It does give variety in that you essentially have two 2-character teams assuming only the point is killed. But I feel the drop in damage (about 42%) and life can’t be overcome. Especially with the fact that only one assist can be called per combo, as to why this is, I have no idea. If a 2-ratio anchor vs 1-ratio was hard enough, I’m sure a 3-ratio anchor vs 1-ratio would be even harder.

Phew, well those are my somewhat brief thoughts on this. I’d definitely love to hear everyone else’s thoughts on the “ratio” system and which ratio will prove to be the best.

edit: Thanks to not so saint for referring me to the table and srk wiki for the info.

Team size matters?

I’m having a problem with solo characters currently. They hit like a truck and a half.

I think one or two is a nice sweetspot.

And I also think that a 3 person team would only work with very specialized teams. Yeah you get another DHC or assist, but you can easily be killed by a simple combo from a solo character.


Id say that some characters are suited to a 1 man team better than others, I mean half the point of Parasoul’s move list seems to be that she can generate pseudo assists and has a cancel (which sadly does not work as an assist I don’t think) whereas perhaps some of the other characters, like solo Valentine are a little more limited and need support.


I will agree with the first post, 3 man teams have so much going against them damage-wise it’s hard to even want to risk it.

2 man teams will be the easiest to manage, with the perfect balance of versatility and damage output, plus even if a character is good solo, they would be so much better with an assist.


I think you should add this thing in first post.

Hopefully it’ll help to avoid possible confusion.

Your point can’t benefit from this, yes.


I’ve mainly been focusing on Parasoul in this game and I think she’s a jack of all trades. She can definitely hang with Peacock with keep away, especially with Egret Dive. She also has great pokes, namely j.:hp: and decent ways to get in, despite having no air dashes and wavedashing. Her mobility isn’t that much of an issue and even though her supers or solo combos don’t do much damage, nothing like that 175% damage to make up for that. I can definitely see Parasoul as an exception to focusing on 2 or 3 ratio teams.


I’m currently using a 3 woman team and it works much better than my 2 woman team and it works pretty well. I’m not that much scared by getting ToD since I have 3 chars and, I played so much umvc3 that I got used to this kind of stuff. Basically I just have to not get hit and I’ll be fine haha.


Dynamic duos will probably end up being the best!


Too soon to tell, will probably be character+assist dependent on which size is best.


I like two characters. Assuming you opponent has a 1 or 2 person team, If you have one character then you die in 3 BnB’s. If you have 2 characters they each die in two. If you have 3 characters they each die in one BnB. So I feel like I can get hit one more time as a 2 person team.
Obviously you don’t want to get hit, but its gonna happen.


One character: 3 bnbs
Two characters: 4 bnbs
Three characters: 3 bnbs

Well don’t forget the red health for two and three characters, meaning that if you play smart you’ll be able to take even more bnbs if you need to.


Some things people are ignoring:

-in 3v1, the three character team has a higher health pool than the solo character
-in 1v1, people have already found combos that take over half of the enemy’s health
-In the 3v1 with good, safe assist calls, the solo character can never take more than 1/3 of the triple team’s health pool at a time, despite the damage boost.

So when you’re playing a team vs. a solo character you’re automatically putting a damage cap on them. People are avoiding 3 woman teams because they’re afraid of losing a game in 3 hits, but when we get to that point a 2 woman team can lose a game in 2 hits, and solo can lose a round in 2 hits as well. We already know calling assists is well worth the risk in umvc3 where assists are more limited and take more damage, and in this game they’re even better. So with this in mind, is giving up assists REALLY worth it?


Going by FinsetKO tourney, 2 and 3 girls team are far superior than a 1 solo girl by far (as long as the player know what he is doing), team of 2 sacrifice an assist for a damage boost which make each combo pack a lot more punch while still having some support from the other char, while a team of 3 can cover more weakness with specific assist to compensate for the matchups and damage ratio differences.


Solo teams are terrible and useless. They will get destroyed, hands down.


All solo teams require is patience and perception. Only players that have these things will have the capacity to play a solo team. Instead of rushing out and doing a slew of j.fierce moves or unsafe specials and attacks, the player will have to control the pace of the match in another way. I plan to play solo Cerebella only because the character and facets of playing a lone character fit my playstyle superbly.


I don’t see Solo characters getting anywhere due to the lack of assists, alpha counters, safe DHCs and red health. The damage bonus and clear access to Touch of Death combos helps them out somewhat, but it’s not worth the sacrifice.

Right now I see Duos having the edge, but only until Trios find a way to kill 3v2s in one combo. 2v3s are already just about there in terms of 100%s and will always have access to Touch of Death combos that cost less meter due to the 130% damage bonus, but the extra assist and higher total HP from Trios makes them the safest choice and the choice most likely to flourish over the game’s lifespan.


I view solos to be a bit similar to BlazBlue’s Beginner/Stylish mode where you are limiting or handicapping yourself in certain areas for the sake of simplicity in learning a single character. With SkullGirls, though, playing as a solo is an amazing gateway into the game, because the controls are always the same, whereas Beginner mode is a huge crutch because if you ever decide to learn the game properly, you will have to relearn everything about your character.

As a Solo, you can:
Use Snapbacks
Use Supers
Not use DHCs
Not use Stunt Double
Not use assists
Not recover red health

But it doesn’t stop you from learning whatever character you decide to play. And once you are somewhat comfortable with your character, and you notice where you have trouble, you can segue into taking up an assist, to help cover an area your character is weak in, and if you like the character you’re using as an assist, you can learn them as well and still be able to put up a fight because every character is balanced to be good on point.

I’m not too sure about duos or trios though, the only benefit I see from a trio is that you get a second assist to help cover more areas that your characters may be weak in, and you get another DHC to extend your combos even further, but I’m not sure how necessary that is because all the characters are very good in most respects that they probably only need one assist to help them out.

Also, the Solo damage multiplier is x1.75, not x1.70

Edit: On a Trio, you can also more easily recover red health by just not calling that assist and using the other assist, so it gives you a greater overall net health than a duo, but I’d think only those who are experienced enough would be able to bring out a trio’s full potential.


Coming back from NCI Ranbats a set of 2 and 3 character seems pretty common, occasionally I would come across someone who picks one. Everyone has remember that picking the number of team members is a legit tactic of the own player’s synergy. I usually pick 2 characters but if I play a player who runs with one character I also pick one character so the round can be best 2-3.


Personally, I feel solo teams are most fun only when it’s a 1v1 match, because then it converts into the 2 out of 3 standard, and that’s cool.

Otherwise, 2 and 3 person teams usually have a leg up against solo teams, since they have a little bit of an easier time keeping pressure on a solo character with assists as well as all the other benefits that solo teams miss out on. Single man teams have to work significantly harder to go up against teams effectively (but I wouldn’t say they’re completely useless. some characters are great as solo fighters).

in consideration of 2 and 3 man teams, I feel that each have their own benefits considering damage boosts and versatility and I’m not really good enough to decide which is clearly better.


I know if I’m having a bad matchup, against a character. I choose just parasoul or just double to learn the matchup better (or of the other player has a gimmick I’m not used to). I find that often I do better than my 2 person team because I can focus on the nuances of the match better. (although normally I do better with 2 person teams). and hey, once I learn the nuances and are able to beat the gimmick, I’m that much better with my team. and THEY have to adapt to two characters instead of just one.

Personally I think 1 character is just fine the way it is. (at this point in the game’s development) If anything they just need a slight health boost. Damage is fine the way it is

I’m also considering adding a 3rd person to my team. and solo is a great way to decide on and learn a character.