[SOLVED] Anyone know a app for PC displaying gamepad / stick inputs on screen?


Hi there…

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to display gamepad / stick inputs on screen? I play a lot on PC… I know, I know… the sacrilege! Still I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this?

I saw this video on youtube by KingBlackToof

This is exactly what I was thinking of, but I have no idea how he did it… there is no way he manually edited the video to show that. I sent me a PM on youtube but I guess he is busy or doesn’t read them mails. So I thought I would make a account and post here. (Long time reader, 1st time poster)

Anyway… thanks for your help


Actually you could, it would just take alot of work.

Also if you notice to the left of the screen, Street Fighter has it’s own Input Display.

But looking at KingBlackToof’s other videos, and that he changed the placement in his videos and streams
and that it show inputs when he not even in the game, it could be a PC app.

For all I know what app he uses could be a “trade secret” and he may not want to reveal what it is.
It could be custom to his own videos and steams.

So far only his Street Figther Videos has the indicator.


well yeah… sure he could edit it… it would just be a ton of work. I assume it is some kind of application like some people use for putting keyboard presses on screen… but for gamepad.

I was hoping someone might know what it is.


Those are most likely a mod he built for the game.



oh that is a good idea… but I tried it… my Madcatz PS3 (gen1) fightstick dosn’t work on xpadder even though it works in the games :frowning:

Thanks for trying though.


Check out poke133’s post and what he’s done.


sorry for being dense… I had a look through that thread but couldn’t see what you were tell me about. The OBS plugin website thing didn’t seam to work on my stick or my normal gamepad…

This thing

Also… there was an app mentioned that looks cool called xinputviewer… but all the links were broken and I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Both mystick and pad work on this site though


hmm, I’ll try to find something.


This link seems to work:


Maybe another interesting solution:



Thanks for the Xinput view…

Anyway… I think I found a very good option…

http://chechepon.tripod.com/test/padlight.html - Make sure you get “2.0 beta 10 (2008/09/21)”

The app is in Japanese so it might be hard to get running… I emailed the guy and he sent me a English translation of the right click menu.

There are a few problems… 1) You need to make your own skin. There are skins floating about but I couldn’t find any that looked any good. The skin is very easy to make though.

This is my MKx Layout skin

Buttons look like this… This is a mock up, only the ones you press will show, diagonals will show up and left for example.

I haven’t finished the skin. The Green background is so OBS can remove it to make it clear on the screen.

The problem is that while the PC version of MKX gets a lot of hate I have had nothing but smooth running with it. Still when I run OBS I drop from 60fps to 30 and it makes it nearly unplayable :frowning: So I guess the entire exercise was a bit of a waste of time.

Should work great for street fighter though.


Here is a demo…


Here is my tmp skin and PSD file if you want to change it… it is all in layers so you should just be able to change the text… warnign the layers are a mess!

The problem I was having is that in windows mode while recording the game dropped to 30fps, even though it runs perfectly in fullscreen while recording and fine in windows mode when not recording / streaming.

Then as I was uploading I wrote in the description “it locks to 30fps” and though… hmm… maybe it is a vsync issue and not the processing for recording. So I disabled vsync and boom… it started to play while recording / streaming at full fps. Also as you may know, screen tearing does not occur in windows mode, only fullscreen (on all games)… the tearing was why it was enabled.

If you have 2 monitors I would just set the button layout thing to the other monitor… but it works fine as I demo’s it.

My only problem now is that the controls display while accurate is “to accurate”. I’ve emailed the guy and asked if there is a way to dely in milliseconds of the ON buttons. Even though this is what happens they flash so fast sometimes… be cool if they hung out a little but longer.

Thanks for everyones help…

BTW, the xinputview didn’t work on my madkatz ps3 TE.

Padlight - Stick / Pad visual display for streaming from PC (Question)

Thanks i was looking for padlight also and i have to set it to D input to work.


I am currently using the XPadder to do that, but it’s kinda messy to set it up.
It looks like this:





I would definitely prefer to use something simpler, but padlight doesn’t recognize my directional inputs.
One solution I can think of is to use XPadder to map the buttons, but I will be in the same situation as before (‘messy’ setup).
Does anyone know how to make my directional work?


Xpadder Doesn’t seam to recognize my stick for some reason :frowning:

Try setting this menu item to PoV(B). This fixes it for me… also remember if the skin is not set up right, then it will not flash. So test that option when you have the default skin enabled. “sampleskin”


It worked! Thanks!
Now I have to create a layout for me :stuck_out_tongue: It will take some time


I’ve stumbled upon a roughly translated padlight beta version:

Maybe it’ll increase its usability for all non japanese speaking users :wink: .

EDIT: Virustotal says it’s clean:



My antivirus 360 Total Security says that the roughly translated file is a trojan. Who’s the author? How did you find it?