[Solved] Custom Case Materials Question


I’ve currently got a ghetto hitbox rigged up to a Cthulu PCB with 30 cm buttons (Should’ve bought the 24…) sitting in a Tupperware container. My question is, if I wanted to go a more stylist route, what would be the best materials to use ‘wood wise’ and where could I find 30 mm bore bit in the U.S. of A. since everything is in inches here?

I have access to all the power tools, so that’s not really a problem, I just need the appropriate type of wood that allows for durability and enough weight to keep the thing pinned down in my lap.

P.S. Sorry if this question has been answered already, I did research I promise.


For the wood you wand a hardwood, oak, ash, cherry, poplar, google the rest. Weight wont be a problem, at least it isn’t for me. I made mine so a piece of 8.5’’ x 11’’ paper could be inserted for art. For the bit, I think it’s a 1 3/16 which might be hard to find. I used a router since my dads drill press’ are crap. Marked the holes where I wanted them, taped them off and used a router to get it close and a file to get the buttons to fit. The tape is to keep the splintering down, don’t bother if you don’t care. Good luck.


Sounds good, guess I’ll go with whatever’s cheapest. Makes sense weight wouldn’t be an issue with the friction of wood and all.

What kind of screws didn’t you use?
Any sort of wiring harness? Zip ties?
How’d you configure your Cthulu with only 3 grounds?


I just got some 8-32 machine screw’s to hold the top and bottom on, I did make my own mounting brackets however. I used the wire from an old ethernet cord, it was 24 gauge. No zip ties, just measured the wire before I crimped the quick disconnects. For the grounds I think I only used two of them. I have pics for all this, just haven’t uploaded them to any site yet.


Everything about building a stick is there.