[Solved] Damage Replenishment


RE. Street Fighter III - 3rd Strike
I was wondering if there is an Emulator where I have the option to turn off the timer & turn on damage replenishment for the purposes of practicing?

You can do it in Mame with http://cheat.retrogames.com/ There might be other ways.

[SIZE=3]Thanks robotic elf, will take a look.[/SIZE]


First off, Sorry for bumping such an old thread but, I’ve just recently started to play SF3.3 again and would like get some practice. Apart from robotic elf’s suggestion, is there any other way I can practice SF3.3 without having to play the cpu.

Thanks in advance

P.s. I am currently using the CPS3 Emu

Buy 3soe. They have a good training mode.

Thanks for the reply I don’t have a console unfortunately; the last console I bought was a PS1. However I have found half decent solution in the way of MAME with credit to Pugsy’s cheats. No parry training unfortunately but hey.

Thanks again